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The patients Information guide to Enhanced external Counter pulsation.


(Non-surgical outpatient safe treatment)
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Learn How EECP therapy can Change your lifestyle. Things you need to know about enhanced External counter pulsation (EECP)

blockage in the coronary arteries which carrying the blood supply to the heart can leads to disabling and severe chest pain, shortness of breath, poor walking distance and tiredness. Physicians, poor walking distance and tiredness. Physicians usually treat coronary artery blockage by medicine, angioplasty, stent or bypass surgery. Despite these therapeutic advances certain problems in the treatment of chest pain persist. drugs do not always provide relief and invasive procedures have their own associated risks many times the blood flow which is restored across the blocked arteries may fail causing re-closing if arteries

the search for effective treatment which can increase the blood flow again by alternative pathway, decreases the chest pain and improve the quality of life without complicated invasive procedures, has yielded the new treatment called enhanced external counter pulsation(EECP),this is the only non-invastive,non-pharmaceutical treatment approved by USA FDA.

EECP is a boon for patients who many want to avoid undergoing invasive treatments

Mrs.parvathy 57yr old lady had two angio plasties in the past 5years.she is recently admitted in the hospital for having severe shortness of breath even while doing routine household work.echocardlography reveals she was poor heart function, her left ventricular heart function was only 25%.she underwent EECP for her shortness of breath and fatigue. on completion of 35 sessions she is able to take care of all her household activity and now able to do her shopping and climbing the staircase easily with out any shortness of breath. her repeat echocardiography shows her left ventricular heart function is now improved to 40%she thanks EECP for her lease of life.

What is EECP therapy?
EECP therapy is an outpatient treatment for patient for patient suffering fromchest pain and poor heart function, during the treatment the patient lie on a comfortable with large blood pressure  like cuffs wrapped around his/her legs And buttocks. these cuffs inflate and Deflate at specific times between
Patient’s heart beats,

A continuous electrocardiogram (ECG)Is used to set the timing so the cuffs inflate While the heart is at rest, when it normally Gets its supply of blood and oxygen the Cuffs deflate at the ends of that rest period just before the next heart beat. The special Sensor applied to your finger checks the Oxygen level in your blood and monitors the pressure waves created by the cuff Inflations and deflations.

EECP therapy uses the patients own blood flow to stimulate new vessels formation around blocked arteries

How long does the treatment take?
EECP involves 35days of treatment each treatment session is for 1 hour and the patients are asked to come six days a week for six weeks.

What is collateral circulation?

Formation of network of tiny blood vessels, which make it possible for blood to detour around blocked vessel or narrowed arteries, is called collateral circulation. However the development of collateral circulation is a gradual process and not every one has the same ability to develop these networks at the rate that will relive angina .EECP treatment triggers and accelerates this collateral circulation and makes it permanent.

What are the advantages of the EECP therapy?

EECP is non-invasive, does not require a hospital stay, has no recovery period and allows you to return to your rotin each day work after receiving the treatment.

How do I personally know the treatment has helped me?

  Patient can walk more distance without chest pain.
  Patient would have fewer or no angina
  Episodes of angina would be less painful
  Patients need for anti-angina medications can be reduced
  Patients can return to work and can participate in their active life style
    once again
  Patient would be more energetic

Is EECP treatment comfortable?

There is a feeling of pressure from the cuffs around your legs and buttocks. Once you become accustomed to this pressure, the sessions usually pass comfortably.

What are the risks of EECP therapy?

Occassionaly, patients develop mild skin irritations area under the treatment cuffs or experience muscle or join discomfort.
Some patient feel tired after the first few sessions but this usually ends after the first weeks. Your EECP therapist is trained to make your treatment safe and to minimize risk.

How long to the benefits of EECP therapy lost after a course of treatment?

The international EECP patient registry (IEPR) collects data on the safety, effectiveness and long term benefits of EECP therapy. The current research data have shown that the benefits of EECP therapy can last of to 3-5yrs after completing the course (35hours) of treatment.

What should I do after the EECP treatment?

To prevent the progressive of your disease after completion of the treatment you should make lifestyle changes like.

  • Quit smoking
  • Controlling obesity
  • Doing regular exercise
  • Following heart friendly diet

Have regular follow up with your cardiologist to lower your collostral, control your blood pressure and diebeates.EECP treatment provides you new vessels. It is you to prevent your vessels from developing obstructions again .

When can expect to start feeling better from EECP?

Most of the patient begins feeling the clinical improvement from EECP between 15th to 20th sessions. These benefits includes increase in overall energylevel,decrease in angina or shortness of breath, completely stopping or decreasing nitroglosrin medications and increases in walking distance

What if I miss a treatment sessions?

Having your EECP therapy each of the six week treatment course is an important part of receiving the greatest benefit. Missed treatment can be adjusted. You have to complete all the 35 treatment sections.

What are my  symptoms which make me eligible for under going EECP treatment?

If you say yes to any of the symptoms mentioned below affects your regular life style and activity consider EECP and consult your physicians.

These symptoms may be the signs of your heart getting lesser oxygenated blood then it is requirement.

Your blood vessels caring nutrition’s heart muscle may have been obstructed.

Your heart pumping action may have being severally reduced making your heart unable to pump enough blood to nourish all other organ in your body.

Missing this early signs is like denying your self a healthy heart to happy living

EECP therapy is safest options for patient who are I risk for by pass surgery, balloon angioplasty or stent


Is there any difference between well established EECP and ECP /SECP?

Yes EECP and ECP are very different treatment EECP is

Mr.mahesh 48yrs old man with diabetes for past 10yrs started experience in moderate to severe  chest discomfort with profuse sweating while working on his book shop. His treadmill test is positive for Coronary oratory disease and follow up angiogram source severe defuse triple vessel disease due to his defuse nature of the block age in smaller vessels he asked to continue his medications but still his pain presses steed he came to know about EECP an under went 35EECP sessions .now he Is completely free from discomfort and he is able to work longer hours in his book shop.

Manufactured by vasomedical USA
Leader in non invasive Treatment. Through EECP and managing cardiovascular systems Vasomedical has as patient and then timing Mechanism of the system. (Micro second Precise timing when the cuff inflates and Deflates).this timing mechanism and training To the operators to analyze the timing Mechanism to distinguish EECP system from Other less established ECP /SECP systems.In EECP there are more then 100 published Studies in major cardiology journal to prove This timing mechanism on patient treatment Effectiveness and safety .accordingly EECPNot-ECP/SECP machines are the once found In major cardiologist centre and universityAcross India, USA and Europe.

AS a patient you have the right to know which system is used for your treatment and whether it is FDA approved. The centre should also show the FDA approval certificate if you request for it.


Are you candidates for EECP therapy?

You may be candidate if:

You have angina (chest pain) and /or heart failure.
Your hearts medications know longer relive your angina and heart
  failure symptoms.
You have had open heart (bypass) surgery ,a balloon Angioplasty or
  stent, or other invasive procedures, and your symptoms have returned.
You have been told you cannot have another by pass surgery, balloon
  angioplasty or stent or other invasive procedure.
You have chosen not to have any further surgery angioplasties or
  invasive procedure.
You do not have any other medical conditions that may prevent you
  from having EECP therapy.

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